Remembrance in Your Pocket

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Remembrance in Your Pocket: Phone Wallpapers

There's no denying it; we look at our phones a lot. To make that a beneficial act every time, I've created these free phone wallpapers for you!

How to download

If you're reading this from your phone, just save it to your phone as you would any image and then set it as your wallpaper or lock screen. If you're on your computer, well, go on your phone!​

Ramadan Instacards

How to download

Just save the images as you would any image and then send it on WhatsApp or post it on your social network of choice. Ramadan mubarak!

About Share the Mercy

Do you yearn for more thoughtful, joyful, compassionate relationships with your family and friends? We all wish for our lives to be filled with such positive interactions with our loved ones and in our communities. This idea was my inspiration for starting Share the Mercy, a modern, eco-friendly, Islamic greeting card company and blog that encourages me and you to live more meaningful lives.