Baby Blocks


A new baby is certainly cause for celebration! Share the parents’ joy with this toy-themed card.

All parents want to be able to protect their children from any harm. The du’a on this card allows them to do just that by putting their trust in Allah and asking for His protection.

  • Printed on FSC-certified, 100% recycled card
  • Comes with a 100% recycled, kraft envelope
  • Measures 12.7×17.7cm.

Du’a source: hadith from al-Bukhari.

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Text: “Congratulations!” in red across the top. “May your little one bring you great joy and grow up to be righteous.” in red along the bottom.

Design: Pale yellow, knit-texture background. In the centre, four wooden toy blocks each featuring a letter – ر – ح – م – ة – to spell “رحمة” (mercy) alongside a rattle.


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