Du’a Memorisation Kits

We have been taught many beautiful prayers by Allah in the Qur'an and the Prophet, peace be upon him, in his sayings. The more we can use them in our daily life, the more we will see the blessings popping up everywhere we look, in sha Allah!

Sometimes, though, it can be hard to memorise them, especially in Arabic. So I thought I'd put together some resources that might help us out. There's something for every learning style:

  • Clear Arabic, English and transliterated text
  • Audio recordings of the Arabic
  • Colour-coded texts to make sure you learn the meaning with the Arabic
  • Writing practice to internalise the prayer through action
  • A colouring sheet with related images to keep the meaning fresh and have a bit of fun!

I hope that by the end everyone will be closer to their goal, in sha Allah! These are great for adults and children alike. Why not make it a family activity and learn together?

Download them by clicking on the images below.

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A Successful Day - Morning Du'a

Starting Your Prayer

Leaving Your House

Breaking Your Fast

Waking Up

Forgiveness in Ramadan

Going to Sleep