5 Extremely Last Minute Eid Presents You Can Get Right Now

A few days ago I wrote a post with suggestions for last minute Eid presents. If you’re still looking for Eid presents now, don’t bother reading it. You’re too far gone.

No, don’t look back – let’s keep moving forward. I have great news for you. It’s not too late to get a lovely Eid present and you won’t need to worry about delivery times either. Here are Eid presents you can buy right now and receive immediately.

1. Tea Around the World Printable Art Print – Share the Mercy

From my Nations and Tribes Collection, this printable art print celebrates our differences through a common love: tea! Just buy it in the shop and you will receive a download link. Print it on card for a standalone gift, or – if you have time to head to the shops nearby – put it in a decorative frame. Perfect!

Buy and download here: Share the Mercy.


2. Email and Printable Amazon Gift Cards – Amazon

For book lovers (and pretty much everyone else), why not give them the gift of reading with an Amazon gift card? They can be sent directly to the recipient in an animated email or you can print them out to give in person.

Buy here: Amazon UK.

3. Creative Online Classes – CreativeLive

If you know someone who is creative but has never had any formal learning to improve their craft, help them out with an online course from CreativeLive. To buy a course as a gift, just open the course and you will see a large button that says “Give as a gift”.

Buy here: CreativeLive.

4. Bayyinah TV Subscription – Bayyinah TV

With Ramadan coming to an end, we all hope to keep up some of the good habits we have developed during the month. Encourage a friend (and get some reward) by giving them a month or year’s subscription to Bayyinah TV, which is full of videos on the Qur’an, Islamic studies and Arabic learning.

Buy here: Bayyinah TV (month) | Bayyinah TV (year).

5. A Restaurant/Cafe Gift Card

If your friend is a foodie, then they will probably love a gift card to enjoy the foods they missed during Ramadan. You can buy a printable gift card for a range of restaurants at OpenTable – choose one or leave it open for the recipient to choose. If there aren’t any restaurants on there that you think they would like and you have a little time, you could always pop down to your local supermarket – they usually have lots of choices of restaurant gift cards there too!

Bonus: Eid Celebration Printable Greeting Card – Share the Mercy

Why not pair these presents with an Eid greeting card to celebrate the day? With a du’a on the back, it will set them on the path to success as they come out of Ramadan!

Buy here: Share the Mercy.

Did that get you thinking?

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