11 Last Minute Eid Presents from UK Muslim Small Businesses

Eid is almost here and the excitement is starting to build up. Perhaps, though, in all your focus on Ramadan, you’ve found yourself at the end of the month with Eid presents missing.

With all the good we try to do in Ramadan, let’s not stop at Eid. There is a growing number of Muslim small businesses in the UK offering unique, personal products, so why not support them?

You don’t have much time to order, so I’m going to get straight to it! Please note that I am not personally responsible for these shops, so I can’t guarantee delivery on time. You will need to check that with the individual shop.

1. Tea Around the World Art Print Set by Share the Mercy – Muslim Box Co

For all the tea lovers, this set of three art prints will go down a treat! Each print celebrates tea from a different part of the world.

If they’re more of a coffee fan, you need to get them this: International Coffee Time Art Print Set.

Buy here: Muslim Box Co.

2. Raw Organic Single-Origin Honey – Latin Honey Shop

“We are the Latin Honey Shop and we sell the finest raw organic single origin honey from the most exotic parts of Latin America. It is unfiltered, unpasteurised, untreated, living and wild.”

I can almost smell it from here – and it smells delicious!

Buy here: Latin Honey Shop.

3. Sunnah Pack Beard Care Essentials – Muslim Box Co

“For all the beard enthusiasts out there who are either starting to grow a beard or have decided it’s time to get rid of that dry beard, make it silky soft and non-itchy.”

A great gift for the bearded men in your life!

Buy here: Muslim Box Co.

4. Companion Collection by Learning Roots

“Companion Collection immerses the entire family into the incredible lives of the Sahaba – the Companions of the Messenger of Allah (S).”

Two board games – one for adults and one for children – that put your knowledge of the Companions of the Prophet, peace be upon him, to the test!

Buy here: Learning Roots.

5. The Caliphates colouring book by Zohayma Montaner – Every Cloud Silver Lining

“The Caliphates’ – A coloring activity book for adults by Zohayma Montaner Designs is a Collectors piece that lets you color and enliven the beauty of Islam’s sophisticated art.”

A beautiful gift for anyone interested in Islamic history and art.

Buy here: Every Cloud Silver Lining.


6. Qur’anic Art Print by Poppetry Shop

A quirky art print featuring a beautiful Qur’anic verse.

Buy here: Poppetry Shop.

7. Fair Trade Dolls – Al Muttaqun

A lovely, ethical present for any child!

Buy here: Al Muttaqun.


8. My Prophet Box by Al Muttaqun – Muslim Box Co

For the children in your life, how about this box full of activities they can explore all Eid day?

Buy here: Muslim Box Co.

9. Baby Collection – Learning Roots

“Fill your baby’s library with our faith nurturing collection of stories that excite the senses, delight the eyes and fill the hearts with peace.”

If you’re looking for a present for a new parent, this could be perfect!

Buy here: Learning Roots.

10. Recipe for Success Tea Towel by Islamic Pixels

“Our “Recipe for Success” tea towel serves as a daily reminder of the things we all need to do on a daily basis to gain the rewards of the hereafter.”

Buy here: Islamic Pixels.

11. Smile It’s Sunnah Canvas Tote by The Pampered Muslimah – Every Cloud Silver Lining

A handy bag that will keep everyone smiling all day!

Buy here: Every Cloud Silver Lining.


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