Modern, 100% recycled, Muslim greeting cards and art prints.

​If you'd like to stock Share the Mercy greeting cards and prints, get in touch!

My hopes for Share the Mercy are simple: I want to change the world.

That sounds melodramatic, doesn't it? But I believe that each of us can make a change that is bigger than ourselves if we put our trust in Allah and start with those around us. A smile is contagious; with Allah's help, the good will spread.

That's why I make these cards. I hope that they can be a means to brighten the lives of your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues - anyone and everyone! To strengthen community. To encourage kindness and positive action. To change the world.

You see? It is possible.​


Ideas for great gifts, inspiring people and projects around the world and positive changes you can make to your life today.

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